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March Sales!


Spring has just about sprung, and at Psychic Healers of Avalon, the March sales (March 1-31st) will be focused on new growth and cleansing! 

Fertility Charms: You or someone you may know may be wanting to get pregnant, so this handcrafted charm, which has specific herbs, crystals, and anointed with oil, is on sale for $10 each. You just keep this charm with you, especially at night, and envision yourself becoming more and more fertile.

Fertility Mojo

Oils: The two oils that will be on sale (buy one, get one half off =  $15 for 2) are the Ostara oil, used for new beginnings and growth in spring, and Awen oil, which is Welsh for Spirit. Both are light and fragrant oils that are perfect for candles, baths, and anointing yourself during any rituals.

Spell Kits: My housecleansing spell kit is on sale for $10 each. You simply read the spell 3 or 9 times, and then toss the entire envelope into a fire of some sort. This spell kit is filled with specific herbs and resins to help push out any negative energies within your home. I have sealed it with wax and a magical symbol, anointed it with oil, and charged it with Reiki!

Smudging Fan: I have only one smudging fan that I have created myself, using cockatoo and macaw feathers, which are quite expensive by themselves. I will sell this fan for $35, and of course, as I only have one, it is first come, first served. You use the smudging fan to go through your house with incense, resins, or herbs, wafting the smoke to cleanse your home.


Services: Going along with the Spring Cleaning concept for March, I am having a sale on my house blessings and house cleansings this month. A house blessing is simply me coming to your home, cleansing it of any basic human energy that may be clogging up the flow, and then putting a protection spell on the house. These are usually $150 plus mileage if over 10 miles away from the office, but throughout March, they are $100 plus mileage. A house cleansing is if you have a negative entity that you are aware is affecting you and/or the people and pets in your home. I remove the entity, and then place a protection spell on your home. This is obviously more dangerous for me, as well as more time consuming to perform, and usually I charge $250 plus mileage. For the month of March, I am charging $200 plus mileage. Contact me ASAP to set one up, as we will have to schedule a bit longer of a time than a standard reading.

Psychic Healers of Avalon is located at 7050 W. 120th Ave. Suite 120, Broomfield, CO 80020. Phone number is 580-430-1015 and email is


February Sales!

Happy February, everyone!


For the month of February, I will be having some sales that will be available from February 1-28th. Just message me if you want to come in to pick up any of the merchandise or to set up an appointment.

Oils: Love and Fire Lust oils are buy one, get one half off. So, $15 for 2 oils, and you can either get two of the same or one of each! You can put these oils on candles, yourself, or in a bath to draw these energies to you. If you are in a long-term relationship, and things are in a rut, the Fire Lust oil helps to bring back that spark!

Spell Kits: My handmade Love spell kits are on sale for $10 each! The spell is written on the back, and you simply read the spell 3 or 9 times, and then burn the spell kit to draw love into your life. I put specific herbs and resins in the envelope to enhance this energy, anointed the envelope with my Love oil, and sealed it with wax and a magic symbol. I also have charged these spell kits with Reiki energy!

Handfastings: If you and your partner are planning to get married this year, I would be honored to perform your ceremony! I will be doing a sale on my price for handfastings this month only–$150 for your ceremony, plus mileage, if you are planning the wedding for 10 miles or farther from Psychic Healers of Avalon office. You do not have to get handfasted in February, but simply to meet with me and pay the non-refundable down payment of $50 to secure your date. You have to pay the deposit and secure your date by February 28th to receive the $50 off from my normal price. This isn’t just about the love of Valentine’s day, it helps me to get all of my larger events and rituals planned out for the year.

Strawberry Quartz Necklace: I have an amazing necklace made entirely of Strawberry Quartz, which is a very rare type of Quartz. This beautiful dark pink quartz holds the energies of love, as it is a type of pink Quartz. In addition to the loving energies which helps to heal your heart, it raises your vibrations to receiving messages from your Spirit Guides, it is a very calming crystal which helps with anxiety, and it enhances your positive energies for other people to notice how awesome you are! This would be a fantastic gift to yourself if you are wanting to attract love into your life, or a loving present for someone special in your life! It is $150, and I will take down the picture when I sell it.

And don’t forget my 2 hour workshop, Love Magick, on Saturday, February 9th from 10 am-noon! We will be creating a love spell for you to perform at home, which is to bring love into your life! Cost is $50 per person.

Psychic Healers of Avalon office is located at 7050 W. 120th Ave. Suite 120, Broomfield, CO 80260, email is, and phone is 580-430-1015.

January Cleanse and Clarity Sale!

natalya-letunova-275086-unsplashHappy January, everyone! I know that everyone is feeling a little ragged and run down from the holidays, and also maybe a little lost with what is going on in your life right now, so I am having a Cleanse and Clarity sale next week only! I will be doing 60 minute Reiki session and 60 minute readings for $100 a session! My usual price is $150 an hour, so you are saving $50! This sale is only Monday through Thursday of next week, so you need to contact me ASAP to get on my schedule. This is my schedule for next week, and I am only scheduling the reiki and reading sessions on the hour, so I can get as many people in per day. I can do phone readings for this price as well, just know that these times are Mountain Standard Time. If you have been wanting to get a Wheel of the Year reading, next week is the time to schedule it!

Monday 1/14/19 6:00-7:00, 7:00-8:00, and 8:00-9:00 pm

Tuesday 1/15/19 10:00-11:00 am, 11:00-12:00, and 12:00-1:00 pm

Wednesday 1/16/19 6:00-7:00, 7:00-8:00, and 8:00-9:00 pm

Thursday 1/17/19 10:00-11:00 am, 11:00-12:00, and 12:00-1:00 pm




Wheel of the Year Readings!

Hey folks, I am still doing Wheel of the Year readings for 2019: I look at each month of 2019 to see what you should be expecting! I have had so many clients make sure to schedule their Wheel of the Year readings each year because they say it is so helpful to know what to expect! I can do 30 minute or hour readings, and this can be in person or over the phone. Contact me today to set up your appointment!

Yuletide Sales and Announcements!


Tis’ the season for holiday gifts!

As we approach the gift-giving times, I wanted to let you all know of some sales that I am having at Psychic Healers of Avalon:

  • Gift certificates for psychic readings, as well as Reiki sessions, are available for you to purchase for yourself or someone special. The Reiki sessions are in person, but the psychic readings can be done over the phone, if that person is not local (or just strapped for time!). For Reiki sessions, it is $150 for 60 minutes, $175 for 75 minutes, and $200 for 90 minutes. These are fantastic for anyone who is stressed out and feeling imbalanced. I am also starting to schedule Wheel of the Year readings–these are specifically to look at your 2019 to see month by month, what you should be aware of or look out for. I have many people do these readings with me every year: I recommend taking notes and/or recording the session, as I do not remember the information. We can do 30 minute ($75) and 60 minute ($150) readings, and it just depends on how much time I have, as to how much information I can channel for you. You may have someone who could use one of these readings, so the gift certificates are very handy!
  • I have one smudging fan thatMo I made from blue and gold macaw feathers, as well as white cockatoo feathers. For December only, I will sell it for $30 (you can look at the picture on my products tab. I only have one, so obviously first come, first served! A smudging fan is helpful for doing any house cleansings with charcoal and resins or regular incense.
  • December 1-8: Oils are buy one, get one half off on any oils in stock! So $15 for 2! These are great stocking stuffers! And I do have a Yule oil that is lovely to put in oil diffusers, anoint candles, or even put in your bath!
  • December 9-16: Spell kits (in stock) are buy one, get a free crystal! So $15 for a spell kit and crystal! There are a variety of spell kits that you can peruse on my spell kits tab–just message me to see if I have in stock the specific spell kits
  • December 17-23: Protection and Fertility charms are $10 each!
  • December 24-29: Pendulums in stock are $10 each! I have a new shipment coming in, so I will have a nice variety of wooden and crystal pendulums!

I can ship any of the products for $5, so if you are unable to stop in the office, I can send it to you or someone as a gift.

Psychic Healers of Avalon will be closed Monday, December 24th, Tuesday, December 25th, Monday, December 31st, and Tuesday, January 1st. BUT check out my Live stream on January 1st for my Wheel of the Year for all of us! I usually pre-record these readings, but I will be going LIVE this year on my Andarta Facebook page!

Happy Holidays from Psychic Healers of Avalon!

Reiki I Attunement 11/17/18

Hey eveveryone, I have a Reiki I Attunement scheduled for Saturday, November 17th from 12-4 pm. It is $200 per person, and you need to register by Monday, November 12th. Email or message me to get registered!

Pendulum sale this week only

Hey folks, Samhain is the time for divination, so I am having a sale on my pendulums that I have in the

office. Usually they are $15 each , but now until Saturday, they are $10 each. And these wooden ones are really cool because they actually screw on and off, so you can put stuff inside them!

Flash sale on Spell Kits!

Hey folks, I am having a flash sale on my spell kits–buy one, get one free! This will be now, 10/23/18 to Saturday, 10/27/18. This is for any of my spell kits that I have on hand, and it is a first come, first served! So, $15 for 2 spells kits–this week only!

DIY Exorcisms

Hey everyone, in the past few weeks, there has been a significant increase in people contacting me about entities within their homes, and how to remove said entity yourself. While I feel that everyone has their power within them, and people can indeed learn how to do exorcisms and intense house cleansings over time, I do not recommend people who do not already know how to do this to try and remove an entity themselves. When it comes to your family and pets’ safety, you do not want to mess around with a negative entity and make things even worse! I often am called in *after* someone tried to cleanse their home themselves, and things just went from bad to worse, especially concerning attacks on children and animals. I feel that everyone should be able to do these things, but until you have a very strong connection with your Guides and Guardians (do you even know who your Guides and Guardians are?), you need to bring a professional holy person in to do the job. And this can be someone from your own faith–it does not have to be a professional psychic. As the veils are thinning because we near Samhain, things are going to escalate concerning the supernatural activities. I only do cleansings in person–I do not do astral cleansings, as I have found that they do not work but for a short time, and it also puts me more at risk than if I were in the home in person. So if you are not in the Denver metro area and cannot have me come do the cleansings, I would be happy to help you try and find someone near you to do the job.



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