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Changes to Ghost Tour prices

Hey folks, I have lowered the prices of the second and third ghost tours, and took out the extras. Check out the specifics on my events page on Facebook:

Blessings, Andarta


Ghost Tours!

Hey folks, I am starting to register people for my three ghost tours this October! I am so excited to have three different ghost tours this year, at three different levels for everyone! Last year, I had over 3,000 people interested in my one ghost tour, so I made sure to have a variety of prices for the different locations and activities this year. Make sure to contact me ASAP to register for the ghost tour(s) that you want to attend so you can actually go! On each event page, I list the specific locations, as well as the activities that we will be doing. I will keep everyone posted as to which tours are selling out the fastest so you can act accordingly. You can pay over the phone when I am in the office and I can use my Square, you can send the money any time through Paypal, or you can stop in to the office to pay with cash. I do not accept checks. These are going to be so much fun, as well as educational (I teach you how to sense and communicate with spirits on each tour)!



Ghost Tour #1:

Ghost Tour #2:

VIP Ghost Tour:

Price changes coming up

Hey everyone, there are so many exciting changes coming about at Psychic Healers of Avalon this summer and fall! I am just letting you all know that my prices are going to change soon, and I wanted to show what said price changes are and when.

Starting August 1st:
Tarot readings/spiritual counseling will be $75 for 30 minutes, and $150 for 60 minutes

Personal past life regressions will be $150 for 60 minutes.

Reiki sessions will be $150 for 60 minutes, $175 for 75 minutes, and $200 for 90 minutes.

Shamanic Journeywork will be $150 for 60 minutes.

***if you are a regular client of mine for readings and/or Reiki, I will have a grace period of 3 months, where you will be able to get these services at my current prices. Once we get to November, these prices will be for new and current clients alike. Any new clients will pay these new prices starting in August 2018***

House blessings (simple cleansing with putting of protection up around your house) will be $150 + mileage if over 10 miles away from the office.

House cleansings (intense cleansing, especially if there is an entity within the home, and then putting of protection up) will be $300 + mileage if over 10 miles away from the office.

Handfastings (which can be legal if you wish) will be $250 + mileage if over 10 miles from the office. (I ask for a $50 deposit of the $250, in order for me to start working on the cords and writing the ritual).

Oils will be $10 per bottle.

Large group presentations/motivational speaking will be based upon the size of the crowd, as well as the location, so we would negotiate a price for each event.

***So if these services are something you have wanted for a while and have been putting it off, it is best to contact me to set up these services before August 1st***

Starting September 1st:
Basic classes, which are my 1 hour classes, will be $20 per person.

2 hour workshops and classes will be $50 per person.

Private lessons and spellcrafting will be $50 for 1 hour.

Reiki Attunement classes: Level 1 will be $200 per person, Level 2 will be $200 per person, and Master level will be $500 per person.

***The classes already posted for August will remain the current prices, and starting in September, these prices will increase***

Just an FYI–I will be moving to a new office space within the same office building starting the first week in August! I will be in office 120, so people with mobility problems will be able to reach my office without having to worry about the stairs! And I will have an extra room specifically for my Reiki stuff, so there should be plenty of space for all of my busy classes. I am so excited!!!

Many Lammas blessings,

Chicago 7/12-7/14!

Hey everyone! I will be in Chicago next Thursday through Saturday doing private readings! I am completely booked on Friday and Saturday, but if you are in the area and want to schedule a time while I am there, I still have some times on Thursday evening. I am so excited!

Myths and Legends Convention 7/4-7-8

Hey folks, I will be doing readings at the Myths and Legends Convention again starting tomorrow 7/4!

I will not be there on Saturday, 7/7, because I already had scheduled my Reiki I class. But I will be there Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday!

Tour through Central Florida!

Hey folks, I will be out of the office June 7th-17th, as I will be doing a tour through Central Florida. Check out all of the places I will be doing readings and classes on my Facebook page! 

Spell Kit sale!

Hey folks, I am having a spell kit sale now through next Wednesday, June 6th! Buy 2 spell kits for $20! You can mix and match any spell kit that you may need. If you live outside of the Denver Metro area, I can mail them for $5. First come, first served!

The spell kits that I have on hand for sale are as follows:



New Beginnings/Quick Movement

New Job


House Cleansing/Prosperity

Peace and Happiness



Psychic Enhancement

Vocal Courage

Dreamwork/Deep Sleep

Reiki I Attunement July 7th

Hey everybody, I will be holding a Reiki I attunement on Saturday, July 7th, from 1-5 pm. The cost is $150 per person, and the class is limited to 6 people–so the first 6 people to register are in the class. Reiki is an energetic, non-touch healing that helps to align your chakras and expel negativity held within your body. You can use Reiki on yourself, others, and even pets! Email or message me ASAP to get on the list!


Magickal Elemental Workshop

Sign up now for this weekend intensive workshop (Saturday 11-5 and Sunday 12-4) on the Magickal Elements! We will be working with Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit, and how to incorporate the elements into your daily life. The cost is $120 in advance or $150 at the door. Reserve your spot now as space is limited!

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